Mine tour by bicycle

Mountain biking in the heart of the mountain Peca represents an unique experience. The trail in the undergrounds of the mountain is routed through completely safe tunnels, intertwined with humps and hollows of disused railway lines.

rovi pece

Purchasing tickets and equipment rental is avaliable in the INFO center of geopark Karavanke and Podzemlje Pece, at Glančnik in Mežica. From there, cycle following your guide to Igrčevo in Črna and then into the mine. The trail ends at the Breg, just above Mežica.

Underground cycling trails lead past the legendary resting place of King Matjaž. According to the legend, King Matjaž had to retreat with only hundred surviving fellow heroes into the cave of the Peca mountain. Peca opened and closed itself, hidding the King from his enemies. During his rule, everyone found justice and protection. It has been said that those were the golden times in Koroška.

The trip lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and is suitable for adults and children older than ten. Constant temperature in the mine is about 10°C. Complete darkness and safety regulations for being in the undergrounds demand special equipment. Warm sportswear and cycling gloves are recommended. Helmets and headlamps are mandatory. You can rent both when purchasing a ticket.


It is mandatory to book in advance.


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