Forge pri Kovaču

In the past, each farm on Pohorje had its own smithy. It was needed in order for farmers to repair agricultural and forestry tools. 

In the countryside, craft making of metals, particularly iron and steel, has been known since the 10th century and made its way to the cities in the 12th century. Today smithies are as good as extinct. Forge “pri Kovaču”, on the other hand, carries on a 200 years old blacksmith tradition. Tradition that shows the hard work of the local people and combines the past with the present.

At the smithy, they possess preserved machinery and tools that were used by ancestors at the farm (spring hammer, hand drill, a large furnace, etc.). The master blacksmith demonstrates the making of products from iron to the smithies visitors. Visitors can even try their luck in making their own souvenirs. Listen to traditional stories of the past while having a smithy lunch and drink.


M: +386 51 354 880, Ivanka
M: +386 51 635 171, Tinca