Health improvement

The word SAUNA is of Finnish origin and means the bath or washing area. 

It is the only word that has become a part of a global dictionary. Ancient Finnish religions
have believed that heating and thus sweating cleans a man, mentally, physically, and

Today in Finland saunas are a part of every house. They have them in houses, apartment
buildings, and even at the Parliament. They have more users of saunas than cars.

Saunas strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body, and have an anti-stress effect.

Wellness center Sitar has four saunas of different types.

Finnish sauna (80-100 °C)      Bio-finnish sauna (50-60 °C) 
Dry heated air: release     A lighter version of Finnish,
muscle tension, eliminates     sauna because the air 
tiredness and increases     temperature and humidity are
physical performance,      lower. Blood circulation is less 
abundant sweating cleanses      stressed. It is appropriate for
the body. Freshening with ice      muscle relaxation and
from the fountain increases      elimination of tiredness.
the blood flow.      

Turkish sauna (50-55 °C)     Infrared sauna (50 °C)
Steam bath with etheric oils:     Infrared light works:
opens the skin pores,     deep and accelerates 
naturally cleanses the skin,     blood circulation.
relaxes muscles and has a     It has therapeutic effects
beneficial effect on the     for a beautiful and youthful
respiratory system.      skin, damaged tissue and is
      suitable for people with
      cardiovascular problems.

      Bio sauna with chromotherapy
      Gently changes the color 
      spectrum of light and restores
      the balance of the body 
      and mind.