Wellness a positive relationship that we grow towards our own body, increases
the life energy, reduces stress and regenerates our body.

Ribnisko Pohorje takes care of your wellness felling. Beautify your Activities
in nature with perfect relaxation in saunas or massages in our Wellness Centre Sitar.

Wellness center Sitar - do sprostitve in zdravja s številnimi vrstami savn, masaž in lepotnimi tretmaji

Relax and give in to our masseuse Milena Višnjei, who gained, with her 20 years of experience,
a fine felling for people and their therapeutic needs. She performs a variety of massages
exclusively with a natural almond oil which is free of allergens.

Knowledge is the most important thing to her, that is why she is constantly educating herself
on new techniques in her profession. She acquired a National Professional Classification
certificate and finished massage courses in various massage schools.

After an exceptional therapeutic massage, you enjoy yourself
and reheat your body in our world of saunas.

Finnish sauna (80-100 °C)       Bio-Finnish sauna (50-60 °C)       Bio kromatheraphy sauna
Dry heated air:       A lighter version of Finnish sauna,       Gently changes the colour 
releases muscle tension,       because the air temperature        spectrum of light 
eliminates tiredness,       and humidity are lower.       and restores 
increase physical performance.       Blood circulation is less stressed.       the balance of 
Abundant sweating cleanses       It is appropriate for muscle        body and mind. 
the body.        relaxation and elimination of         
Freshening with ice from the       tiredness.        
ice fountain increase                 
blood flow.                
Turkish sauna (50-55 °C)       Infrared sauna (50 °C)      


Steam bath with etheric oils:       Infrared light works deep and       Classic
opens the pores,       accelerates blood circulation.        Therapeutic
naturally cleanses the skin,       It has therapeutic effects        Relaxation
relaxes muscles and       for a beautiful and youthful skin,       Manual lymphatic drainage
has a beneficial effect on the        damaged tissue and is suitable        Anti-cellulite legs massage
respiratory system.       for people with cardiovascular problems.       Face massage 

Wellness center Sitar, Savne - krepitev zdravja v različnih vrstah savn: finska savna, infrardeča, turška savna


Many nations from different corners of the world, have known many advantages of massages and
saunas. Chinese have elevated massages into a medical doctrine more than
5000 years ago, while the old Finnish folk believed that heating and with that sweating
purifies the man: mentally, physically and spiritually.

SAVNA is a word that has become part of the world dictionary and in Finland, part of every house.
They have them in houses, block settlements and even in parliaments, there are more users of
saunas than cars.

Price list and Opening hours – Wellness centre Sitar  

Sauna - outside guests                                                                 12
Sauna apartments guests or vip* guests                                                                                           10
Private sauna rental  120
Bathrobe - rental                                                                             2
Classic massage of the whole body - 50 min 35
Classic massage of the whole body - 80 min 45
Therapeutic massage - 30 min 25
Manual lymphatic drainage of the whole body - 60 min 40
Partial lymphatic drainage - 30 min  25
Anti-cellulite legs massage - 30 min  25
Facial massage - 20 min 20
Ant stress massage of face, head, décolleté - 30 min 25
Relaxation massage with Shea butter - 60 min 42
Reflex foot massage - 30 min 25
Reflex foot massage - 50 min 35

Prices are in EUR and include VAT.
We reserve the right to change the prices.
* VIP guests are guests who visited the Wellness Centre Sitar at least 10 times.

Opening hours

Wellness centre Sitar is during the winter season (November-March)
opened on Saturday and Sunday between 15.00 and 21.00.

Private sauna rental is possible from Monday to Friday between
09.00 and 21.00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 to 15.00.

A visit to the saunas and massages at the
Wellness centre Sitar require pre-booking.


Tel: +386 (0) 2 87 65 300
M: +386 31 782 908
E-mail: booking@ribnisko-pohorje.si.