Summer camp MODRI VOLK

Summer camp MODRI VOLK 2021 represents an unforgettable experience in the form of a 5-day adventure, intended for children, aged 10-13. The camp is arranged in such a way to enable an authentic commune with nature in remote places of the Kozjak Mountains. In the company of newly-made friends, without phones and tablets, children will live in tents, while simultaneously engaging in different activities: wilderness survival, self-defense, fishing, archery, first aid training, building of self-image, stress managing, horseback riding, mountaineering and shooting. Under the leadership of a well-experienced team of instructors, children will get to discover plenty of useful skills and know-how that they can later utilize in their everyday life.

In the last couple of years, summer camp MODRI VOLK has been remodeled to mitigate the consequences of restrictions, brought upon children by the coronavirus crisis. This 5-day adventure for children will enable an authentic commune with nature, provide the opportunity of making new friends, discovering the world that is nearby, yet somewhat secluded and remote, developing of independence, creativity and advancing any pre-existing talents, building of one's self-esteem, encouraging colaboration and teamwork and learning of basic life skills.

The price per person is 587 € and includes:

• A once in a lifetime experience MODRI VOLK; an unique and delicately designed programme of activities in the unspoilt nature of the Koroška hills. The programme includes learning the following skills:

o Wilderness survival
o Self-defense
o Fishing
o First aid training
o Horseback riding
o Building one's self-image, stress management and teamwork
o Shooting
o Mountaineering
o Archery
o Adventures on local farms

• 5-day stay with full service.
• Small group of attendees (max: 24 children). 
• Learning skills in smaller groups of 12.
• Colaborating with 15 Slovene instructors with long-time experience in their respective fields.
• Official MODRI VOLK gear: T-shirt with logo, multi-purpose hat Buff and a Nalgene water bottle.
• Unique necklace MODRI VOLK (attendees get the necklace after their completed tenure).

Find information and new dates on the website All questions can be adressed to: or by calling 040 412 801.