Hike to lake Ribniško jezero

Around these parts, Ribniško jezero is known as a must go destination and somewhat of a hidden gem of Pohorje because of its one of a kind ecosystem. If you enjoy shorter walks through nature, start at Ribniška koča and you should reach the lake in about half an hour. If you are eager for more of an exercise, start at the Ribnica na Pohorju village. Following this trail it will take you roughly two and a half hours to reach your destination.

On your way back, make a pit stop at hut Ribniška koča, where delicious homemade stews and blueberry strudel await you. Both trails will lead you through beautiful, unspoilt nature of Pohorje and leave you astonished by its breathtaking views. With some luck, you might even meet a deer or find a place to pick blueberries. 

Pohod z prijatelji

LENGHT: 2,6 km,
TIME: 20 - 30 min,
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: not too demanding,
SUITABILITY: suitable for all age groups.

Google Map Pohod Ribniška koča - Ribniško Jezero