Hike to Kope

Why do compasses fail to work on Pohorje? The answer is hidden in a thematic hiking trail, which guides its visitors from Ribniška koča (1507m) to Big Kopa peak (1542m).

This gently sloping trail with great panoramic views will guide its visitors past forests, heather grass and endless plains. Along the trail there is a great chance that you will run into wooden benches and books, nurturing instructive secrets of Pohorje

In the distance, you will catch sight of rooftops that belong to the tourist village Pungart. Continue the hike to reach the plain with the hut Grmovškov dom (1371 m), where one can freshen and strenghten up; then continue your hike to the Big Kopa peak (1542m). 

LENGHT: 10 km,
TIME: 2,5 h,
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: not too demanding,
SUITABILITY: suitable for all age groups.

Google map - Pot na Kope