Slivnica OKP 5-3

Cycling route Slivnica OKP 5-3 is suitable for all recreational cyclists and enthusiasts of cultural heritage memorials.


The outdoor museum Josipdol was built by locals. Visitors can enjoy themselves touring the sights: a glass furnace, a water timber slide, a charcoal pit, and a traditional Pohorje wooden house. The timber slide was once thirteen kilometers long and served for the purpose of transporttation of wood from local forests. Along the slide stood men, making sure that the wood did not get stuck. Josipdol is a rather young village that was originated in the eighteenth century and is known for shutting down the last Pohorje glass factory hundred years ago.

The Church of St. Joseph was built in Josipdol in 1972, at the exact spot where once stood a chapel. The new church was blessed by the bishop Maksimilijan Držečnik. It was built with local materials; stone from the local quarry, wood from local forests and glass; while the sacrificial altar was made from a rock.

Linden Avenue is situated next to the local road in Josipdol. The avenue is 150 meters long and 80 years old. It is one of the few tree-lined avenues in Slovenia.

Old Keber's house is a very well-preserved farmhouse. It was built of stone and partially wood. The interior is traditionally arranged. An old wooden ceiling and a black kitchen with a barrelled vault are still preserved. Adjacent to the left side of the house is a basement, built from stone and dug into the hill.


From Ribnica na Pohorju turn to Podvelka. At the road sign turn right on the macadam road and then ascend to the Petrun farm. Continue on the forest road and then descend back to the Zapečnik farm.

Walk towards the Josipdol village. The Linden Avenue will provide the shade all the way to the bridge, where the road connects to the Podvelka – Ribnica Pohorje road. Turn to Podvelka, then turn left and arrive at the beautiful valley of Slivnica creek. After your pleasant ride return to Ribnica na Pohorju.

LENGHT: 9 km,
DURATION: 1 hour,
SUITABILTY: suitable for all cycling enthusiasts. 

Trail map