Pohorje cycling route

Alongside the ridges of Pohorje, there is a seventy-five kilometers long bicycle trail that connects the eastern part of Pohorje with the western. This long-distance trail ranges from St. Bolfenk in the east to the peak Kremžljev vrh in the west. This cycling route is connected to the local cycling routes from all major centers around Pohorje.

Cyclists are able to connect to this trail from Ribnica na Pohorju as well. To start, ascent on the macadam road to hut Pesnik. This trail takes you across the mountain chain and the vast forests of Pohorje. Be on the lookout for astonishing natural attractions of Pohorje and numerous posts, where cyclists can replenish themselves:

Hut on the peak Klopni vrh (1280 m)
Kumen 32, 2344 Lovrenc na Pohorju, Tel: +386 31 565 933 

Hut on Pesnik (1101 m)
Hudi kot 28, 2364 Ribnica na Pohorju, Tel: +386 41 447 637 

Hut Grmovškov dom (1377 m)
Razborca 31, 2382 Mislinja, Tel: +386 31 816 754 

Hut Planinc (1010 m)
Sv. Primož na Pohorju 41, 2367 Vuzenica, Tel: +386 41 410 999 

Hut under the peak Kremžarjev vrh (1102 m)
Gradišče 30, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, Tel: +386 41 800 947 


Waterfall Šumik is located in the vast Pohorje forests. It is a perfect place to take a short break by the water. The trail to the waterfall is narrow and slippery; therefore, appropriate footwear is recommended.

Pohorje cycling route is marked in both directions with a red PT sign.

LENGHT: 75 km,
DURATION: 7-8 h,
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: very demanding,
SUITABILITY: suitable for experienced cyclists.