Janževski vrh OKP 5-2

Janževski vrh is the expanded settlement of secluded farms above the Drava Valley and its right tributary of the Velka River.


The Sgerm pine tree is 63 meters high and is knwo as the tallest pine tree in Slovenia and in the Central Europe region. Locals display its significance on the Ribnica na Pohorju coat-of-arms.

The Church of St. John and energetic points. The church was built in the 16th century. For centuries, it has been alleged that the church and its surrounding areas are the sources of healing energy.

Old Keber’s house is a very well preserved farmhouse. It was built of stone and partially wood. The interior is traditionally arranged. An old wooden ceiling and a black kitchen with a barrelled vault are still preserved. Adjacent to the left side of the house is a basement, built from stone and dug into the hill.


In Ribnica na Pohorju turn to the road to Vuhred. Follow the road sign to Janževski vrh. After a slight ascent, pass the home of Držečnik, descend to the Sgerm and Miklavc farmhouses. After the Breznik farm follow the road and in constant ascent pass the farms Junker, Stepinšek, and Bomer, and ascend towards the Church of St. John. Return on the same path, and then turn left at the Junker farm. In a pretty steep descend past the Pur farm then go to the Valley of the Slivnica brook. Cycle left and at the road sign join right to OKP3. You will pass the Lencl and Završnik farms after an ascend. Turn back to Ribnica na Pohorju.

LENGHT: 17 km,
DIFFICULTY: more demanding,
ADEQUACY: experienced cyclists.