Aunt Lena's farm

Secluded farms represent a specific type of settlement, typical for the hilly landscape of Koroška. 

Kmetija tete Lene

They embody the characteristics of vernacular architecture. They were built from timber and stone. Such a farm consisted of a rural house, encased by agricultural land with forests. The homestead was the centre of the whole estate.

One of such farms keeps the tradition of the past alive today. On this farm once stood an old wooden house in which three aunts – Verona, Zofija, and Helena – lived. Aunt Lena (Helena) lived for a hundred years. She left behind many memories, old recipes and wise advices.

All year around, aunt Lena anticipates visitors; she is particularly excited about children. Each day, she prepares homemade specialities and hygiene utilities following her grandmother’s recipes.

For each and every one of her visitors, she also prepares short instructive stories about farm work that is accompanied by animals. When she is harvesting herbs and fruits in the forest, she gets a lot of ideas for healing beverages and sweet snacks. After working hard all day, she prepares homemade snacks in the shadows of her garden house for her visitors.

Get closer to the true vernacular tradition of Ribnisko Pohorje.


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