Timber rafting on the Drava river

The oldest testimony of rafting along the Drava River is Knight Otto Velikovški’s
Document from 1280. This document mentions that empty barrels were driven
on rafts, filled with wine in Maribor, and then transported to Koroška.

Rafts down the Drava River transported wine, iron products, textiles, and wood. Wood was
shipped and sold all the way up to Osijek, Novi Sad, and Belgrade. A raft was an effective
mean of transport and cargo at the same time; shipment came to its destination without any
extra costs.

By the end of the nineteenth century, there were over 500 rafters in the Drava Valley, which
consisted of sixty ports. After the Industrial revolution and the construction of hydropower
plants, rafting has completely extinct.

Despite that, rafters from Koroška are a specialty, because they still use rafts for tourists.
A journey along the Drava River is filled with humor and fun stories from the timber rafting past

Rafting program:

- welcome at the river port with a welcome address from raft coxswain, 
   demonstration of the wood chisel;
- feast with bread, salt;
- a start of river navigation and presentation of river rafters;
- a performance of the rafting humorist and music program;
- traditional rafters’ lunch on a spoon (goulash, polenta larded with cracklings, bread);
- rafters baptism with the acceptance of the new rafters in the rafters’ guild;
- rafters’ coffee.

Great fun for closed groups, individual applications also possible. It is required
to book in advance. Rafting drive with the program lasts two hours.

Timber rafting is steady and appropriate for all generations.
Rafting season lasts from April until the end of October.


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