Lake Ribniško jezero

Lake Ribniško jezero is a part of the nature reserve in protected area of NATURA 2000It lies
on the 1490 meter above the sea level, below the Peak Jezerski vrh on Ribniško Pohorje.

The lake arose 8000 years ago. It only absorbs rainwater and is filled with water lilies. It is
surrounded with the most beautiful peat moor on Pohorje. It is eighty-four meters long, forty
meters wide, and 0.6 to one meter deep.

There are also three smaller roundish shape lakes and boggy windows surrounding the lake.
In the past, people made up stories and have believed that a live mud and sand in that area
have eaten many people.

Next to the lake is a wooden bench for short rests and admiration of the idyllic surroundings.
You can relax in the peace and beauty of nature.

A story from Koroška tells a tale of a specific event on the Lake Ribniško jezero

"At the top of Plešivica sparkled a quiet lake. There resided a friendly Waterman Jezernik,
who helped people living there. When they built St. Ursula's Church, bells disturbed his

Every morning farmer Plešivčnik was watching his oxen in the barn, how exhausted and
sweaty they were. After about a week, he found a bag of gold coins in the 
manger, the
next day oxen were rested.

On the Sunday after the Mass, men were talking that the lake on Uršlja Gora Mountain was
gone, but there was a new one on the peak of the Pohorje Mountain.

It was immediately clear to Plešivčnik: the Waterman Jezernik used his oxen to transport the
lake water. After the move, nobody ever saw Jezernik again, but some signs indicate that
he still lives in that lake."

"One time American tourist John took off his clothes, jumped into the lake, and disappeared.
On the day, when there was requiem for the deceased in Ribnica, mailman Tone delivered
a telegram:

I swam to America. Send clothes. John, the American.

It was clear. Jezernik saved him."

"It is also well known that Jezernik did not like black cats. Sometimes, in a long and hard
drought, locals threw a black cat into the lake. Each time, Jezernik got so mad, that he
created a storm so hard that men would return drenched to Ribnica na Pohorju."