Trail to Rogla

A trail between Alpine hut Grmovškov dom (1371 m) and Alpine hut on Pesek (1386 m)
is a part of marked Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail

Pastures, heath grass, and vast forests will follow you all the way to the Hut Ribniška koča,
where you continue your way past beautiful Ribniško Lake. The lake is a nature reserve
and belongs to the protected area of the NATURA 2000. It absorbs rainwater and is filled
with water lilies.

Continue your way to the Šiklarica pass (1300 m). The old driving route from Mislinja to
Josipdol and Ribnica used to lead from there.

On your way to the famous forest reserve Lakes Lovrenška jezera, you can also admire
the immense forests of the Pohorje Mountain. The trail will lead you to the lookout tower
at Lovrenška Lakes (1520 m). Here you can observe many different birds in silence.

Continue your way to the Alpine hut on Pesek on Rogla, where you can get refreshed.

LENGHT: 20,5 km,
DIFFICULTY: demanding,
ADEQUACY: for experienced hikers.