Trail to Alpine hut Pesnik

The Alpine hut Pesnik stands in a small Pohorje hamlet, on the grassy plateau
of Ribniško Pohorje. The hut was built before the World War II.

In 1945, it was modestly furnished and opened as a Shelter house on Pesnik. It had
a particular significance at that time because the Hut Ribniška koča was burnt down
during the war.

From the center of the Village Ribnica na Pohorju, pass the ski slopes in direction of
the Hut Ribniška koča. You will see the Alpine hut on Pesnik on the clearing at the
1101 meters above the sea level. It can also be accessed by car.

Beautiful nature and animals are perfect for cheerful holidays with your family. There
is a beautiful view on the nearby Pohorje peaks and the Drava Valley.

LENGHT: 6,1 km,
DURATION: 1,5 h, 
DIFFICULTY: manj zahtevna pot,
ADEQUACY: ni za najmljaše.