The path along the top of Ribniško Pohorje

The path on the top of the Pohorje Mountain is adjusted and suitable for all nature lovers.
This trail starts at the Hut Ribniška koča from where the undemanding route heads towards
the highest peak of Pohorje, Črni vrh (1543 m).

Top of the Pohorje is particularly known for its unique sunsets and blueberries. Slightly lower
in its vicinity, on the northwest side, there is a stream Mrzli studenec, one of the highest
springs on Pohorje.

From the Črni vrh (1543 m) you can turn to the top of the Peak Jezerski vrh (1537 m), which is
ranked among the highest peaks of Pohorje.

There is the Monument to fallen soldiers, mountaineers, which was buit in 1961 by the
Mountaineering Association Maribor – Matica. On the east side of the peak lays Ribniško lake,
which can be accessed by descending into the hollow. Vicinity of the lake is surrounded
by peat bogs, and adorned with water lilies. You can access Hut Ribniška koča also by car.

LENGHT: 6.8 km
DIFFICULTY: less difficult trail
ADEQUACY: length is not appropriate for children

Trail map