Ribnica na Pohorju and its surroundings

Cultural and natural heritage of Ribnica na Pohorju. 

Sheep trail

The trail is interestingly laid in the shape of number eight. It leads from the village center
and past Church of St. Bartholomew. Continue your way around the large pasture. Ideal
for children, because sheep are grazing there in the summer.

Short and simple trail, very easy, for all age groups.

LENGHT: 1 km,
40 m,
15 min,
DIFFICULTY: short and simple trail
, very easy
ADEQUACY: for all age groups.  

Trail to the Gosak farm

The trail leads from the village center, through the forest, and is oriented to the top of
the Pohorje Mountain.

The Gosak farm is positioned on the enormous meadow with grazing horses. The
mellow is a remarkable sightseeing point of the Ribnica na Pohorju village.

Trail of medium difficulty. 

LENGHT: 4,5 km,
1,5 h,
DIFFICULTY: less difficult trail,

ADEQUACY: for all age groups.  

Stations of the Cross trail

Excellent choice for people who love religious sites. Local religious sites display the hard life
of people in Ribnica na Pohorju.

The trail leads past the Church of St. Bartholomew in the village center. In front of the church is
a bust of bishop Maksimilijan Držečnik, born in Municipality of Ribnica na Pohorju, in Orlica
village. Maksimilijan Držečnik was a bishop of Maribor, deserving for the publication of the
whole Bible and the establishment of the Slomšek student seminary.

In July 2011, the Municipality of Maribor, named a street after him, Bishop Maksimilijan
Držečnik Street, which became the street with a maximum number of letters in the name
in Slovenia.

From here the trail continues past the Chapels of the Stations of the Cross, all the way to the
Church of St. Lenart and the village cemetery.

Easy trail for those who love religious sites. 

LENGHT: 1,6 km,
DURATION: 25 min,
DIFFICULTY: very easy,
ADEQUACY: for all age groups.