Forest Educational trail Kapelvald and museums

The Forest educational trail Kapelvald in Josipdol has been opened since 1993. Beautiful
Avenue of lime trees greets the village at the beginning of the trail with an orientation
that shows all huts along the way. 

On the trail, you can observe different trees (sequoia, Atlas and Lebanese cedar,
red beech, Swiss pine, yellow pine, black spruce, black walnut, red oak).

Follows a mild climb over the hill, Kapelvald that got its name because of the
chapel at the top. Trail leads you past the Church of St. Joseph, which was built
in the previous century by the quarry workers.

Carry on past Lenarčič mansion and forest tree nursery to the plain Štručevo.
From there he trail continues straight forward and sweeps down towards the road.
Pass the Village Josipdol to return to the starting point.

The Forest educational trail teaches about the history of this place. Organized
museum collections and the outdoor museum will introduce you to the forestry,
glass industry, and quarrying of local towns.

A specialemphasis is placed on raising awareness that preserving natural
is the main condition for the existence of mankind.

Especially appealing for lessons in nature.

LENGHT: 3,2 km (+2,2km from direction-Ribnica na Pohorju),
DURATION: 1,5 h (2,5 h),
DIFFICULTY: easy, marked trail,
ADEQUACY: appropriate for children.