Mountain bike trails in the Drava Valley

At the spot where the Drava River flows is the junction of three Slovenian valleys – the Valley
of the Drava River, Mežica Valley, and the Valley of Mislinja. The path through the Drava River
Valley was important in the Roman times.

It had the most important transport role because of the timber rafting and a railroad
construction between Pliberk and Maribor.

Pohorje and Kozjak forests surround the Drava River Valley. It offers many remnants
of the past and natural attractiveness. In the English park at the Manor house grows
Kunigami, a tree from the warm East, which does not grow anywhere else in Europe.

In the area of the Drava River Valley, between Pohorje and Kozjak, there are 20
mountain bike routes. Routes are appropriate for recreation, relaxation, and
exploration of beautiful nature and places of the valley.

You can select suitable bicycle path here.  

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