Winter mornings in Ribnica na Pohorju starts with careful work by the locals. Each day they take care for the safe and tidy ski steeps, they make sure everything is working perfectly and only then they open up ski steeps for the new day

Ski slope Ribnica na Pohorju lies right next to the apartment houses of the family ski resort Ribnica na Pohorju and is very friendly for children and all skiing beginers, especially because of its cosines and homeliness

Because Pohorje don't know what stagnant season is, it is equally suitable for winter hikes as are they for the summer hikes, so visitors can enjoy the wild nature at anytime and weather.

The long-term tradition of winter activities on Ribniško Pohorje attracts manny winter hikers and cross-country practitioners, who in winter time, observe and admire the panorama of white plains of Pohorje and nerbay mountain tops.

ALTITUDE OF THE SKI SLOPES                                                 LONGTITUDE OF THE SKI SLOPES
721 m - 921 m                                                  2,2 km 

SKIING DEVICES                                                 TYPES OF SKI SLOPES
2 ski lifts                                                 polygon for beginners
2 ski lifts                                                 blue, red, black track

EXTRA SERVICES                                                  INFORMATION
Ski school and snowboarding school                                                 Ski passes
Ski equipment rental                                                 Tel: +386 (2) 876 53 00   
Accommodation in homemade atmosphere                                                 Tel: +386 (2) 876 51 10
restaurant right beside the ski slopes                                                 E-mail:        
free parking                                                    
Skier bar right beside ski slope                                                  
night skiing                                                  
artificial snowing                                                  
toboggan run with a ski lift                                                  


CODE                  NAME OF THE SKI DEVICE              OPERATING     



 A                vlečnica Ribnica ski-lift Ribnica I             Laughing      open           280m / 57m
 B                 vlečnica Ribnica ski-lift Ribnica II             Laughing      open          525m / 190m

 C1                vlečnica Ribnica ski-track I for children             Laughing      open                 80m
 C2                vlečnica Ribnica ski-track II for children             Laughing     open                 80m