The museum collection of glassmaking, stonecutting, and forestry is chattily telling
a story of the local past

Especially revealing is the collection of glassware of the former glassworks, which
operated in between 1799 and 1909 in Josipdol and Langesvald.

In the nineteenth century, the glass from Josipdol was well known throughout the
Europe. After 1880, glassmaking business began to slowly die away, so they
opened first quarries.

Before and after the war, 300 people have worked in five quarries. Today only one
quarry still operates and employs eight workers.

Quarrying is presented in detail. In this area, it came to life after 1880. We can see
simple hand tools that were used in the processing of Pohorje tonalite.

Following a chronological presentation, you can also see strikes of local glass
blowers that went on strike in the 1930s due to the difficult working conditions.


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