For many centuries, people in this area lived with nature. Natural resources are of a very high value.
They always managed it in the way that would not impoverish the nature.

But even the Industrial Revolution could not overlook such a magical place. Competition
has ruined the old glassworks. Forest management has considerately changed. Today,
the quarry employs far less people than in the past.

To avoid becoming a part of the past, in 2002 a group of people from Josipdol and the
local area gathered in the study circle. After examining the sources about the glassworks,
they created a model of the glass furnace.

On March 5, 2004, twenty-eight citizens organized the Constitutional general assembly
and created a Cultural, ethnological, and tourist association Josipdol. With their amateur
functioning, they contribute to the enrichment of the cultural life and preservation of the
ethnological traditions and tourist development of the town.