It has been known for centuries that the Church of St. John on the Peak Janežvski vrh and its 
local area are sources of healing energy. Today this is a cultural monument and spiritual place.

Church stands on the 912 meters above the sea level and is known for its late Gothic
architecture with a special quadripartite bell tower. Next to it grows a giant Turkish
linden with the trunk circumference of 430 centimeters.

There are energetic points all around the church. In 2000, company Geomantija made
healing energy measurements. Between 2003 and 2004, doctor of alternative
medicine, Anton Rubin, did a study on therapeutic effects on people.

Both sources confirmed that this church is part of the therapeutic energy system area.
They also confirmed healing and soothing effects of the energy on the patients.

Anton Rubin recommends:

  • Frequent visits can contribute to the improvement of the health and well-being,
  • Can contribute to healing,
  • Start by walking to all points and stop for 1.5 minutes (order does not matter),
  • Go back to the point where you felt warm, cozy feeling, or tingling in the limbs,
  • If you did not feel anything at any point, go back to point 3 for 9 to 12 minutes
    and point 8 for 7 to 9 minutes,
  • Individual points are not specifically prescribed for a particular disease due to
    great dynamics and variety of energy quality.


  • Points should not and can not replace medical treatment,
  • Too often (more than 3 times per week) and long (more than 15 minutes),
  • Stay at a single point, can lead to strong and unpleasant reactions,
  • We recommend strict compliance with the recommended time limit,
  • Visit at your own risk.


The Martini-Bomer farm, Janževski vrh 39 (300m before the church)
Tel: + 386 (0)2 876 60 31