When you wake up in the morning and eat your breakfast, we suggest that you go to Sgermova Smreka, which is the highest Tree in central Europe. Before you go there, make sure you contact the land lord and arrange you wisit with him  (+396 2 876 80 82).

največja smreka v Evropi

After a short stop and after you take the pictures from every angle with the tallest tree, we recommend you to go into the direction for Josipdol, where you will find 1 hour round trip on the Forest Educational Path, but just before you go there, while you are still at Ribnica on Pohortje stop at Aunt Lena Farm, and learn about the way of life and culture from many years ago.

Teta Lena

Pleasent experience for you and for your children, also you can taste some home made goods from local farms. (Arrange your arrival on +386 31 224 655).

Ok, now that you wisited Aunt Lena its time to go on a walk trough forest educatioinal path Kapelvald in Josipdol, which is opened form 1993. Beautiful tilia trees will await you at the begining of the path and there you will also find a map that will show you all stops on the way and which way to go.

Gozdna učna pot

After you walked the full circle you have several options to advance your day trip. But we would recommed you to refresh yourself in a Water Park Radlje Ob Dravi! Before you go there you can also reserve a late launch or a dinner at Kovačija pri Kovaču (+386 51 354 882 or +386 51 635 171) which is located in Janževski vrh just little ahead of Josipdol.

Dobra hrana in muzej

So the only thing that is between you and tasty dinner is relaxing refreshment in Biological pool, an excellent choice for family fun. Water park have a swimming area, non swimming area, water slide and pool for the kids. Near by is playground, mini football field and beach voleyball field so you can realy do anything you want. 
 Vodni park

… after hours of fun, sun and refreshing water its time for realy tasty dinner experience at Kovačija pri Kovaču, so you can finish the day full with activities, exploring and tasty food.