Terme Ptuj


Terme Ptuj, with its 35 years, are one of the youngest health and swimming resorts in Slovenia. Located in the oldest city in Slovenia, which mainly boasts with a Roman and medieval history. The Romans named the city Petovia, and in this small corner of Slovenija you are in for a whole day of fun.

Navodila za pot

The route there takes an hour and fifteen minutes, but the drive is pleasant and runs through nature along the Drava river all the way to Maribor. From Maribor you take the highway to Ptuj and you will arrive there very fast. When you arrive, we recommend you take advantage of the day and go to the water park and stay there until 5pm.

Terme v skici

Afterwards we recommend that you choose one of the following restaurants, more info and contacts you can find on the links bellow, so you can enjoy in the good food after a long day in resort.

                  Gostilna Grabar                          Gostilna Ribič                             Gostilna Majolka

If you find some spare time after all that, we suggest that you visit castle Ptuj and afterwards you can hit the road back to Ribnica na Pohorju, to finish another beautifull day. 

Sprehod po Ptuju