Ski resort Kope

Ski resort Kope represents the main ski center in Koroška. It lies on the most
west point of Pohorje, between 1010 and 1542 meters above the sea level,
above the city of Slovenj Gradec.

Thanks to the extensive plains and flatlands, typical of easily accessible Pohorje
slopes, there is a dynamic ski terrain, suitable for beginners and cross-country
skiers. There is a fifteen kilometers long ski-running slope between the Alpine
hut Grmovškov dom on Kope and the Hut Ribniška koča.

It has eight kilometers of maintained ski slopes, which are extra snowy so that the
winter season can last for more than hundred days. Long tracks of different
difficulties are suitable for all recreational skiers as well as the most demanding
ski enthusiasts. The vertical distance of the longest ski track is 500 meters.

Height difference   Ski devices
1010 m - 1542 m   6 ski lifts
    2 four-seater
Length of ski slopes   Additional offers
8 km   snow park
    ski kindergarten
    snowboarding school
Types of ski slopes   equipment rental
2,8 km easy   night skiing
3,6 km medium   competitive program
1,6 km hard   ski promenade
15 km cross country ski trails   snack bar
    ski school