Weekend with family and friends

Spending free time with family and friends contributes to better relationships, makes
a positive impact on our physical health, and revitalizes our thinking processes.

Ribnisko Pohorje has always been considered a climatic health resort, but today with
its many activities, it represents a place for a break, appeasement, and refreshment.

Ribnisko Pohorje resort represents a good starting point for hiking and cycling trails that
are surrounded by many plants and animal species.

You have all the possibilities for good sports recreation at the Apartment settlement
Ribnisko Pohorje. There are different playgrounds in the vicinityof the Apartment
settlement: five-a-slide football, basketball, sand volleyball, and handball.

Traditional Village Ribnica na Pohorju has a rich cultural heritage and is attractive for
all lovers of historical, cultural, and religious attractions.

It keeps many hundred years or older local stories that have been passed down from
generation to generation and have preserved the traditions of this place. At the Aunty
Lena’s farm, the story is so alive, you can actually try out old farm chores.

We guarantee full attention and concern of our staff, fun and relaxed atmosphere,
exquisite food, and first class


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