Summer camp

Fresh air, peace, spacious plains, and coniferous forests are just perfectly created for young
. Ribnisko Pohorje has a rich flora and fauna, so it is perfect for learning new
and refreshing knowledge obtained in previous school years.

The story of the endangered black grouse and capercaillie will warn young explorers about
the growing workload and environmental pollution. Learning through games in contact with
nature is beneficial to the motor skills development, creativity, and imagination.

Children will enjoy the unforgettable socializing full of laughter, fun, and ecological

Let your children stay in nature, at the Ribnisko Pohorje resort.

Four new apartment buildings**** are offering accommodation for 300 people.

Apartments have:
bedroom (one or two beds, no bunk beds),
Free Wi-Fi,
ski equipment storage,
conference room (for lectures, classes),
restaurant Ribnica (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Ribnisko Pohorje Summer camp

Accommodation in the apartments (5-8 people/apartment), full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Meals are customized to the wishes and needs of children (particularly in the case of diets, allergies).

Soft drinks at meal times (juice is avaliable for children at all times).

Guided tour of Pohorje (Hut Ribniška koča, the lake at the peak Jezerski vrh),
trails are suitable for children, no demanding ascents and are very interesting.

Evening animation in the children's discotheque (popcorn party, pajama party),
our DJ creats an unforgettable children's entertainment.

Bread or pasrtry baking.

Berries picking and learning about life in the forest.

Ball games (sand volleyball, handball, football).

Evening movies.

A surprise present and feast for the escorts.

Preschoolers 4-6 years 96,00 € / day

Children 7-12 years 112,00 € / day

Children 13-18 years 124,00 € / day

Adults 128,00 € / day

*Price is valid for two nights or more.
*Price for one night accommodation is increased by 50%.

Prices include VAT.
We reserve the right to change prices.


For every 21 children, one escort gets the same price as children.  one escort the same price as childreni

A lecture by hunter and forester. 50,00 €

A lecture by climber and learning about foreign mountains.  

Night walk with torches.  2,50 €

Hot meal / snack 3,00 €

Cold meal (afternoon snack - fruit, pastries, yogurt). 1,50 €

Extra lunch 5,00 €

Come on a trip to Ribnica na Pohorju and together we will prepare
the most appropriate program for your children.


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Tel: +386 (0)2 87 65 300