Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a team sport where two teams compete. This game was developed at
the beginning of the last century and is the second most popular game in the world today

With its attractiveness, it is gaining in popularity every year. Matches and games are
held in the summer, under the open sky.

Apartment settlement Ribnisko Pohorje has three lighted beach volleyball courts,
where you can compete with your family and friends.

When tired of sports efforts, refresh yourself in the apartment settlement’s restaurant
or organize a picnic near the playground.
(check availability)

For relaxation after sports activities, you will be taken care of in lavishly furnished
apartments. They are located just off the playground and offer complete comfort.
After the sporting endeavors, regenerate in saunas; enjoy the massage and beauty
treatments at the Wellness center Sitar.

Relax your body and mind, and further, strengthen in a number of outdoor
activities. For a better form, try one of the hiking or cycling trails.

For entertainment and curiosity satisfaction, go see museums, Aunty Lena’s
farm, or rafting on the Drava River.

This program is intended for groups of 10 to 100 people or more.
In case of a bad weather and availability, you can also use the school gym.


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