Athletes intense preparation

The high oxygen content of the Pohorje forests and numerous preparation options
are perfect for intensive sporting preparations in nature.

Apartment settlement Ribnisko Pohorje with its location provides a lot of places for outdoor
workouts and physical preparations. Next to the apartments are lighted sports fields for
basketball, handball, five-a-side football, and sand volleyball.

Get ready for a new sporting season with games analyses and new sports tactics in the
conference room, equipped with a screen, projector, and a sound system.

We also offer specialized massage treatments, saunas, and swimming pool for faster
regeneration after sports efforts.

Athletes can relax after a hard workout in the lavishly furnished apartments and refresh at
the apartment settlement’s restaurant. The restaurant has a permanent offer, but if necessary,
in consult with a coach, diet can be adjusted to the athletes.

Come on a trip to Ribnica na Pohorju and together we will prepare the most suitable
program for your sports team.

Get ready for a successful sporting season at the Apartment settlement Ribniško Pohorje.

In case of a bad weather and availability, you can also use school gym.
It is possible to store and wash sports equipment.


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