Authenticity and tradition

People from Pohorje were making a living with hard work in quarries or forests. Winters were
severe and long. Therefore secluded farms created Pohorje cuisine in a specific way.

For a long time, there has been a saying: “Fourteen more days of cabbage and it will be Sunday
again!” Breakfast was mostly gruel or maize žganci. During working days, main dishes were
mostly sauerkraut and millet porridge, barley and bean stew, or buckwheat žganci with milk soup.

On Sundays, church and national holidays, meat was almost mandatory part of the menu. They
ate meat soup, pork and lamb, cake, sauerkraut, and dumplings. Blueberry pie and Pohorje
Omelet were desserts.


Restaurant Ribnica

Restaurant Ribnica is only fifty meters away from the ski slopes. In winter it offers warm
shelter of the domestic interior, in summer it reveals the idyllic view from the terrace.
Full flavors and dazzling fragrances will take you through a genuine Pohorje cuisine.

Lunches and brunches have a touch of diversity and Pohorje tradition. Buffet meals,
thematic lunches, and dinners will satisfy even the greatest gourmets.

The restaurant will provide a good atmosphere for your events:
gala banquets (weddings, baptisms, confirmations),
private events (birthdays, graduations) and
business events (conferences, seminars).


Maša Helbel, restaurant manager
Tel: +386 82 055 635
M: +386 31 657 203